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X-Band Episode #26 – A Mini Frew Special

Yep, it’s a brand new episode of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast in which we cover all of the latest Phantom news and, as the title of the episode suggests, talk a lot about Frew Publication!


X-Band Episode #23 – Moonstone Special, Pt. 1

For eight years American publisher Moonstone Books produced arguable the best Phantom stories to come out of the US. In this two parter Joe and Jermayn discuss all of Moonstone’s releases from graphic novels to mini...


Phantom 2040 Sprite Sheets

As anyone who grew up in the 90’s will attest, there is something beautiful about the simple yet elegant pixel graphics of the 16-bit era of video games. Well, thanks to website The Spriters...


Leghost Who Walks

Phans have been pretty spoiled of late with all the awesome merch that’s been released over the last six months or so. However, one phan has taken it upon themselves to create a piece...