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New Designs From Kasual Friday

Kasual Friday, the company who has bought us many great Phantom t-shirts, has two new designs and one “secret” one. The new designs, which can be seen on their website, are called Jawbreaker and Phantom Classic...


New Collectables At Popcultcha!

Aussie collectibles store Popcultcha has two new Phantom collectibles to go alongside their soon-to-be-released 12″ statue. As with the aforementioned statue, the two new items come courtesy of Ikon Collectables. The two items are a very...


R.I.P. Buster Jones

Edward L. “Buster” Jones, a prolific African-American voice actor, is best known to Phantom phans as the voice of Lothar in the Defenders of the Earth animated series. However, Lothar was only one of Buster’s...